My First Week of Bootcamp

Aug 24, 2016

I was an analytical chemist (think CSI for printers) for almost nine years. I enjoyed some aspects, but felt under-challenged by others. While I enjoyed solving problems, repairing instruments, and teaching colleagues, I enjoyed creative and innovative ventures even more.

Looking for a change in career with more creativity, innovation, and learning, I joined the Web Development Bootcamp at Awesome Inc in Lexington, KY.

As of day three, web development promises to combine not only my drive for continual learning, but my creativity and technical mindset as well.

It can be at times frustrating (Javascript while loops), but also satisfying to solve problems with code. I enjoy seeing front-end results with HTML and CSS, and Jekyll is making changes easier.

With very little prior coding experience, I am looking forward to the coming weeks of learning and growth.